Friendly Name

Jon Ballard

Friendly Name

Jon Ballard


Palm Springs


I’m a one man show with a great passion for a perfect product.

I have experience recording and editing audio for the past 15 years. Ranging in projects from band demo’s to full albums, Live Sound, Broadcast Television, to mixing and producing content for TV.

It all began when I was 16 and purchased my Fostex 4 track cassette tape recorder, from that moment on I was hooked. I set up a makeshift studio in my childhood home and recorded every moment of myself and my bands. I attended college at CSU, Chico and devoured the recording arts program. Among the basic music courses and music theory, I studied music composition, electronic composition, and even an independent study for a semester where I taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro and create a short film where I filmed, directed and edited the video, as well as created the score to go behind it.

I hail from the midwest where we are engrained with a sense of if we don’t work hard for it, we don’t deserve it. I take each day with a new light and try to find a new opportunity to pursue my passion. For several years I’ve been working with a music library, helping unsigned artists get their music into the world via TV and Advertising placements. On the side I would record my own music, perfecting my skills.

Lately I’ve also been the house sound man for a local music venue which I’ve seen a lot of great acts come through so far. I’ve had the pleasure to work with nearly every local band in the area as well as bigger artists like Jello Biafra, Guttermouth, Voo Doo Glowskulls, Strung Out, Agent Orange, Mondo Generator, John Garcia, Black Uhuru, Mickey Avalon… just to name a few.

When in the studio I tend to lean towards the “old school” approach of recording. Where I feel that the source being recorded needs to be as perfect as possible, not to perfect it using tools in the software. That goes from everything from the musician down to the perfect placement of the mic’s, as well as the room it’s being recorded in.

Film/TV Credits
Credit 1

The Rhythm of the Dance, Desert C.A.M., Feature Film

Credit 2

The Dogfather, Kaswit, Infomercial

Credit 3

La Quinta C.O.P., Desert C.A.M., Commercial

Credit 4

Anne Nicholas, Desert C.A.M., Infomercial

Credit 5

Talk of the Desert, Desert C.A.M., Talk Show


I have worked several projects on the post production side, but would love to get into the field a little more often and be the one capturing the audio I will later work with in post.


Audio Ball

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