FILM CREW – 2020/2021 SEASON

Seeking LOCAL crew for the new season!

The Greater Palm Springs Film Office is preparing for a very busy season. With multiple productions currently filming, we’re stretched as far as we can go so we need to crew up – and fast!

If you live or have a place to stay locally in Palm Springs and would like to work as a local, please submit your name to our crew list. You must agree to work and bill as a local. This list is accessible online to film producers 24/7. You will also be added to a pdf list that is distributed upon request. There is no cost.



NOTE: You will be contacted via the crew list so when a production calls you, please conduct your own due diligence.

GUARANTEES: There are no guarantees you’ll work – but we do guarantee we’ll do our best to get you work.

The Greater Palm Springs Film Office works closely with the Riverside County Film Commission. Together, we service all Riverside County; which includes the Coachella Valley and North Salton Sea. The Film Office also provides production support for the Joshua Tree/Twentynine Palms region and South Salton Sea.

In this industry, you gotta NETWORK!

Here’s a few ways to make friends:


Follow. Share. Socialize.

  Facebook Talent Group –  Talent @FilmPalmSprings
  Facebook Crew Group –  Crew @FilmPalmSprings
  Twitter –  @filmpalmsprings
  Instagram –  @filmpalmsprings

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Greater Palm Springs Film Alliance & Film Office is not an employment agency, casting agent or talent management firm; we do not represent crew or talent and we do not negotiate rates. As with all industry gigs, you must perform your own due diligence.
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