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How to Apply:  Submit the required information about your location using the form above.

Photographs:  Please have ready at least 4 photographs: 2 inside, 2 outside. Max ‘combined’ byte size 10 MB. If you exceed that size, either compress or submit fewer photos. You may include a link to a downloadable photo platform, like Dropbox. NOTE: Due to copyright infringement laws, all photos posted on our site must be authorized by the photograph owner.

Permission:  You must own the home you submit. You may submit rentals or leases as long as you secure permission from the owner. Productions require Photo Copyright Release Forms and they must be signed by owners of said property.

Homeowners Association:  Do you live in an HOA and do they allowing filming? Do not assume they do, please verify before you submit.

Listing & Consideration: Submissions will be reviewed by our office for accuracy and if accepted, posted the site for productions to consider.

TO RESIDENTS AND MERCHANTS OF GREATER PALM SPRINGS: If you plan to host filming at your property, you will become an ambassador from your community to the production company, and from the production company to your neighbors. By encouraging the production company to treat our community with care, you can help ensure that the filming experience is a positive one for all concerned, and that this company and others will be welcomed back. To this end, the following guidelines have been developed to assist you in your role as host:

  1. When hosting filming in a neighborhood or business district, residents and merchants choosing to allow production at their property should do their part to be “good neighbors.”

  2. Address neighbors’ concerns quickly. Make every effort to ensure the production does not unnecessarily disturb your neighbors.

  3. It is a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors to increase rapport and personally notify them that filming will be taking place at your property or place of business. Many jurisdictions require notification as part of the permitting process. The GPS Film Office specializes in Neighborhood Notification and we perform it often.

  4. Discuss the company’s planned activities and parking plans prior to the shoot. Convey any concerns voiced by your neighbors to the production company. This will help avoid problems like blocked access to driveways that can cause ill will between neighbors.

  5. When appropriate, and only with advance approval by the film company, invite neighbors to view the filming and meet the crew. This will go a long way to promote positive neighborhood relations.

  6. Hosting filming frequently can take a toll on neighbors who may not receive the direct financial benefits that you enjoy. You may want to consider ways you can give something back to your community for the inconvenience, such as support for local organizations or simply hosting a backyard barbeque.

  7. When filming occurs at night, bright lights and noise may disturb your neighbors. Local film permits are required and will indicate if night filming is allowed. If so, be sure to discuss such activities with your neighbors who may be adversely impacted and make sure the production company addresses their concerns. People want to feel that they have been included in decisions about activities that may directly affect them.


14 days tax free for vacation rental property, includes film location rentals:



This benefit also applies to your California tax return as California conforms to the federal 14-day rule.

Please Note: Greater Palm Springs Film Alliance & Film Office® staff are unable to offer tax advice.

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