2015 Sunfair Rd, Joshua Tree, CA


Mojave Rock Ranch is an established location for modeling and product photo shoots, and is your premiere location for both low and high budget productions. Picture this:
A helicopter glides over the mesa, landing on a hilltop helipad glistening in the rosy sunset sky…
…Fill in the rest. A helicopter is the high budget version. Don’t have access to a chopper? Then have a drone land on the helipad and edit the chopper in with stock footage. The point is: HILLTOP HELIPAD = PRODUCTION VALUE.
Through the front gates, you are hit by a million-dollar desert landscape that you won’t find anywhere else on this continent. It’s the desert version of Pandora in James Cameron’s AVATAR full of luscious succulents, cacti and palm trees. Life blooms here like you’ve never seen, and it’s glorious.
The house breathes a serene atmosphere fitting for a John Woo film (before he gets to his motorcycle chase scene). Gaze from the covered patio as a passionate scene melts into picturesque panoramic views of auspicious sunset skies, majestic mountain views, and massive boulders. Inside and out, artifacts and hidden gems from around the globe are elegantly placed into the structure of every rock wall. The interior could replicate Africa, India, and even Israel. The bedroom is based on the hotels at Ngorogoro Crater in Tanzania, while the Dutch Sleeping Nook in the main house is a fitting set for an intimate scene set in the Middle East. The organic architecture of the home whispers timeless tranquility, while the custom Pebble Tec pool overlooking the view screams epic party scene!
The house is a centerpiece of art set atop 225 acres of diverse terrain that can pose for several different scenes. A dried wash that occasionally runs water in the spring is shrouded in reddish boulders that resemble the landscape of another planet – even you will think you’re on Mars! Supplemental pieces of the property include a relic jail cell from South Dakota, a walk-in stone wine cellar, and an additional structure that is currently used as a museum which displays the Ranch’s history. Pioneertown was John Wayne’s set for his westerns. Mojave Rock Ranch in Joshua Tree is a much more affordable and accessible option. And the location is pristine! You are minutes from the Joshua Tree National Park with surrounding vintage shops and trendy restaurants, and a convenient drive down the hill to Palm Springs and other desert cities.
Here’s the kicker: Mojave Rock Ranch is also for sale! That’s right, this one-of-a-kind movie set could be yours to own permanently. Eight separate parcels of land form the 225 acres that make the Ranch. Preserve the solitude or develop the land into something larger than life with sets and sound stages. You’ll never find a more perfect opportunity near this price so close to Los Angeles. This property is an investment opportunity for an entrepreneur or a studio that could make Joshua Tree into Hollywood’s backyard!
Contact the Film Alliance for details: (760) 861-1182
on value. Michael Bay and Robert Rodriguez would have a knife fight over who gets to shoot at this property in April. Film that and make it a movie.


Film, Television, Commercials, Music Videos, Still Photography & Corporate Events. This location is also listed for sale. Contact: (760) 861-1182


Film Alliance (760) 861-1182

Custom Built


1 BR / 1 BA
1 Helipad

Swimming Pool
& Spa

Crew Parking

Crew Size


Joshua Tree, California


Film Alliance (760) 861-1182

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